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session three- the heart: shooting from the heart

so, by far this has been my favourite session!  susannah touched on ways for me to see my own style as photographer and view myself as an artist, a storyteller. i viewed other peoples photos and saw how they put themselves into their work. looking at the details/symbolism, perspective … Continue reading

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session two- the flesh: lightness of being

i have been enjoying this course immensely! i able to get an early christmas gift, a canon rebel t3i and consider myself really lucky because i have been able to play around with and get to know my camera while i practise … Continue reading

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read of the day

this morning i was catching up on my favourite blogger, susannah conway, and she so happens to be the person who is teaching the photography course that i’m taking. she posted some websites/blogs to read and i loved the one she … Continue reading

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session one- the bones: cultivating awareness

i am almost through the first session in my photography course. i cannot believe how differently i look through my camera already. i must admit, now that i am more aware of certain things i’m looking for, everything comes to life! in the first session called, … Continue reading

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photography project

i have always loved seeing photographs that people have taken whether it be of landscapes or people. my favourite being the candid shots that display raw emotion that we feel on a daily basis. i came across an e-course that focused on just that. nothing … Continue reading

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being mindful

mindfulness is defined as a kind of non-elaborative, nonjudgemental, present-centered awareness in which thought, feeling, or sensation that arise in the attention field is acknowledged and accepted as it is.   in university i participated in a seminar that focused on being … Continue reading

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the power of vulnerablilty

today i found myself reading brene brown’s webpage. i came across an interview with her and thought i would post it. it was a long read but definately worth it. Interview with Brene Brown

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