an alternate route


As some things don’t turn out the way you anticipate, I’ve decided to change the way I’ve been sharing my photos for the photo a day in may project I was ambitious to think it could be possible to post daily. These daily posts will turn into one more post at the end of the month. Life is busy. I even thought about stopping the project but there is a drive somewhere in me that won’t let that happen. I’ve always thought it to be really rewarding and creative experience to be a part of a photo project like this. I will persevere and  more photos will be revealed the end of May. Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to an alternate route

  1. Love the dark, dull colors. Shares the story that everyone can find a path even in the most unlikely of places.

  2. Kira Elliott says:

    I too am unable to get to it daily, I find that I am posting to the FB page in batches of three to four photos at a time and I have been posting weekly round ups of my photos on my blog. It is too unrealistic for me to post daily b/c I still have my full time day job not to mention family. I look forward to seeing your photos at the end of the month. Keep it up, I am sure they will be great. I love the photo on this post.

  3. Kim Henkel says:

    Great idea Ash! There is always alternate routes when things are not able to happen the way we plan. I continue to work through my alternate route right now. I will look forward to seeing more of your photos at the end of the month, even if you are unable to share them all.

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