a photo a day in may…my style

20130428-194441.jpgAs I mentioned in my post an alternate route, I was unable to complete the photo a day in may  photo challenge. Ever since I started experiencing the beauty and connection I feel with a camera in hand, as well as reading about inspiring photographers and their photo challenges, I’ve always wanted to try one. This particular photo challenge didn’t work out for me for a variety of reasons. I didn’t do well with the timeline because it was too hard to work, be a mom, get my rest, and then go out and find/photograph the word of the day. As I have thought about it more, that was one of the main challenges for me. I felt pressure to capture the daily word. This didn’t work for me. I needed more time to feel what that word meant to me and what would capture it fully. So I guess the conclusion I came to was this..

1. I prefer to capture something I deem beautiful in the moment and then label an emotion to it as I view it later.

2. I don’t do well with timelines, especially daily ones.

3. I would love to try some type of photo challenge that had one word for a month.

So, this post includes the photos I did take that represented the daily words. It is not in the right order, it s not complete from where I left off on Day 9, but it completes this photo challenge in a way that feels right to me.





















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One Response to a photo a day in may…my style

  1. Kim Henkel says:

    Beautifully done in your own way and time frame. I love your photos! Seeing the world through another persons eyes is such a delight. I realize I can not of course see/feel all that you do with these images, but I put my view on them and enjoy them my way. Thank you for sharing them. Beautifully done. And what you learned is important too. Thank you for your comment on my blog too, and yes I continue to be gentle on myself.
    I hope you are enjoying your summer.

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