30 lessons for 30 years


30 Lessons for 30 Years

It has been too long since I’ve been to my online corner where I do what I love. When people say life got in the way… I know what they mean. When you are distant from something for too long it takes you to make the first move to come back, and I just did. I decided to take my this e-course with Susannah Conway called Unravelling: Different Ways of Seeing Yourself. So here I find myself on Thanksgiving Monday sitting outside with the sun shining on my face. I feel more thankful than ever because I feel like I’m coming back to connect with myself. Be with myself.

Here is the post I meant to write the day I turned 30 which was September 19th. One month late, almost to the day, but its better late than never right? Here are lessons I’ve learned along the way and still continue to learn and remind myself.

In no particular order…30 Lessons for 30 Years.

30. People are often doing the best they can with what they know or have.

29. When faced with a choice, does it always have to be either/or? Or can it be both/and?

28. Be gentle with yourself.

27. When you are stuck with something, give yourself the advice you would tell your best friend.

26. Balance in life at times can be unbalanced. It is important to sit with the unbalanced for a while instead of trying to change it right away. You never know what it could be telling you.

25. Gratitude is a practice not an attitude. Start today.

24. Animals are therapy.

23. Try to connect with something other than people.

22. We have become who we are because of our struggles.

21. Do not manipulate natural beauty, after all, it wont be real.

20. People are always trying to keep up with the Joneses, but don’t realize that the Joneses are actually broke.

19. Often times people hide behind a mask. This will make one feel more alone because one will not be seen for who they truly are.

18. You cant change people, you can only change your reaction to them. All you  can do is show up being you.

17. Perhaps changing your perspective can help you get through something tough.

16. Boundaries are essential and it is important to know when an who you need them with.

15. It’s okay to say NO.

14. Take some risks, even if they are little. Life could be a little more exciting!

13. You don’t grow within your comfort zone.

12. Think about whether your actions mirror your values.

11. Find your creative side. Everyone has one somewhere deep inside.

10. Walk through life being mindful. Stop and notice.

9. Enjoy simple pleasures.

8. Learn to be a good listener.

7. The more you are vulnerable, the more you will feel connection and joy.

6. Be kind to your body.

5. Get enough sleep.

4. Before you place judgement, know that everyone comes with a story, you never know where they’ve been.

3. Know your wants from needs

2. In time, wounds can be healed.

1. There is no better day to start than today, right now in this moment. Tomorrow could be too late.

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One Response to 30 lessons for 30 years

  1. Kim Henkel says:

    Oh what wonderful reflections. They make me stop and think. I am enjoying the stillness of my evening, and the time to read this beautiful post without rushing. I will return to this list again as I am sure it has more for me to absorb. For now # 22 is resonating strongly with me, and I shall stop to think on it for awhile, and let the light bulb burn brightly. Thank you for your wisdom and the time energy and courage it took to share it.

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