The Sacred Alone


Be Ground.
Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you are.
You’ve been stony for too many years.
Try something different.

~ Rumi

This e-course I am taking is something I recommend for anyone who needs a little time to get reacquainted with themselves. It is time for you to befriend yourself and give yourself the care and love you are giving to others. I’ve taken many of Susannah Conway’s e-courses but this one has got to be the most linked to ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’.  What is your sacred alone? What does it look like and feel like? Does it exist?

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One Response to The Sacred Alone

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Ash, happy to hear that you are enjoying this course – it looks like a great course. It has taken me years to learn what I know about me, and yet there is so much more to know. I work at learning everyday. Enjoy this self exploration journey. As you already know, I am so honoured and proud to have you as my niece. Wishing you many happy days. xo xo xo Kim

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